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    Seoul Foundation of Woman & Family

    Seoul Foundation of Woman & Family (SFWF) is leading ways towards a world where all woman and families are happy. It places the highest priority on communication with all of you. All the projects, research activities and educational programs of SWWF need to incorporate the demands, requests and needs of the citizenry and should substantially facilitate the realization of happiness for woman and families. SFWF will stand by your side, sharing and helping you tackle the difficulties in your life.

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    Seoul Solution

    Seoul Solution shares a great deal of valuable knowledge on urban planning and sustainable development policies of Seoul, and shows global smart cities' trends and contributes building mutual public-private partnerships with all parties including Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG), the Seoul Institute(SI), Seoul Urban Solution Agency(SUSA), associated central governmental bodies and many different international organizations.

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    Open Learning Campus

    The OLC is a destination for development learning that will build the leadership and technical capabilities of all development stakeholders-partners, practitioners, policy makers, staff, and the public. Inspired by the success and credibility of proven approaches to online learning, the OLC is a learning ecosystem that is open, interactive and networked. It leverages the vast knowledge of the WBG and its partners and converts it into actionable learning for effective development.