Invitation to provide your inputs at Asia Urban Food Systems Study


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The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Bank have initiated a collaborative study to understand challenges and opportunities of food systems in Asian cities. This study will (i) relate food system matters to the broader development aims and challenges of Asian cities, (ii) provide an overview of the status of urban food policy and programs in the region, (iii) draw attention to emerging examples of ‘good practice’, and (iv) outline an agenda for more proactive, inclusive, and integrated urban food policy and governance.
One component of the work is the conduct of a multi-city survey covering perceptions of food system challenges and opportunities, municipal mandates, programs and institutional arrangements for addressing these challenges and opportunities, and patterns of stakeholder engagement. 100 to 150 cities/municipalities of various sizes are expected to participate in this survey.

Please find the survey at the link bellow:

For more information: please email Elyssa Ludher ( or Miriam Romero (