Wheel of Urban Challenges: Report of CityNet Activity at the 8th Asia Pacific Urban Forum


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Introducing “The Wheel of Urban Challenges,” an engaging and interactive activity featured at CityNet's booth during the 8th Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF-8), held at the Suwon Convention Center from October 23–25, 2023. As an integral part of the forum organized by UNESCAP and hosted by Suwon City, Republic of Korea, CityNet collaborated with these partners to ensure the event's success. The booth aimed to welcome nearly two thousand participants, predominantly urban stakeholders, fostering contemplation on the forum's themes and the intricate issues confronting Asia-Pacific cities. The interactive activity prompted participants to contemplate the interconnections among pressing challenges confronting their urban environments and to propose innovative policy interventions capable of mitigating these concerns while enhancing the inclusivity and resilience of cities. The idea of the need for city planners to address multiple interlinked challenges stems from the flagship APUF-8 report titled "Crisis Resilient Urban Futures," aligning with CityNet's findings derived from its series of capacity-building workshops.

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