Welcome To Kota Aur Village North Seberang Perai

Region : Penaga, North Seberang Perai | Malaysia

Goal : Goal 11

Author : CityNet Secretariat

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    Welcome To Kota Aur Village North Seberang Perai


    A Village full with heritage, surrounded by green forest and tropical fruit plantation, featuring agro-eco tourism Seberang Perai.

  • CITY

    Penaga, North Seberang Perai




    Southeast Asia


    -Status: Completed
    -Start: 2017
    -Completion: 2020


    Penang State Exco Office for Tourism and Creative Economy (PETACE), Seberang Perai City Council


    - Environment and Resilience


    Goal 11 :
    Sustainable Cities and Communities


    It is influencing our ecosystems our cities and our lifestyles here in Seberang Perai and throughout the entire world. Thus, it is about time for Seberang Perai to deal with the Climate Crisis/Emergency. Therefore, the Seberang Perai Climate Action Strategy has been set as a policy direction to guide the implementation of projects and programmes that are aimed to mitigate the impact and adapt the changes that happen in Seberang Perai. The first step in managing climate change is by managing the emission. Thus, Seberang Perai is committed to be a Low Carbon City driven by Smart City by the year 2022. In order to achieve the goals, four Key Result Areas (KRAs) have been identified; namely resilience, inclusivity, green and competitiveness. These KRAs are important in order to build the characteristic of Seberang Perai as an aspiring city of tomorrow. Each of the KRAs has its very own action plans. These action plans are compiled into a five year plan known as Seberang Perai Strategic Planning 2018-2022. Seberang Perai City Council is very committed to ensuring that global warming does not exceed 1.5℃ and ensure our survival together.



    26,154 population (Kota Aur Village)

  • AREA (km2)

    34.6 km2 (Kota Aur Village)




    https://www.tourism.gov.my/niche/homestay/directory?keyword=&state=Penang, https://homestaykotaaur.blogspot.com/

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    Penaga, North Seberang Perai, Malaysia


The Kota Aur Village is located approximately 20 KM from Butterworth Town and 40 KM from Georgetown City. A Village full with heritage, surrounded by green forest and tropical fruit plantation with the fresh breezy wind. For exciting vacation, the Kota Aur Village is one of the agro-eco tourism in Seberang Perai. Tourist may experience Malay’s traditional lifestyle with unique culture to be explored.

Kota Aur village has a vision of tourism contributing to rural development. Through the development of tourism in Kota Aur, it will be possible to develop rural areas through increased economic opportunities. The tourism sector will provide opportunities for the villagers to generate their economy through:

i. Provision of houses as Homestay
ii. Promotion of traditional food products.
iii. Activities such as embracing local culture, visiting the panorama around the village
iv. Tourism package network, including interesting places around the village area.
v. Provision of small industry such as processing nira nipah.
vi. Highlighting the history of the existence of Kampung Kota Aur.

The main goal of Kampung Aur's tourism strategy is to promote culture and life in rural areas rich in agricultural activities. Through this, it can contribute to driving rural development. Apart from the main economic resource for this area, namely agriculture (paddy fields), through tourism development it will provide space to the local residents to increase the opportunity for local economic improvement. Tourism will make the villagers have various economic branches in improving the economic status of the locals. The main contributions are exposed through a unique culture in Malaysia which is the Malay Traditional culture that need to be explored more in-depth to create great networking among others Best Tourism Villages Network. The uniqueness of a certain culture and tradition illustrate human beings and civilisations in other times. For sure, to insure that tradition and culture are not being forgotten, they must be experienced by new generations.


SDGs are the main factors to move forward in implementing the development of rural area. In regards to modernisation, rural areas also have good attractions for people to continue to live in the nature, surrounded by natural resourses. We see in the future of tourism how it can enhance the socio-economic situation of the Kota Aur Village. Without changing the natural ambiance and while preserving nature, we proceed to invigorate the rural tourism industry. Concerned about climate change, we are looking forward to helping our mother nature sustain its balance. Rural development needs to be kept minimal to sustain that local surrounding.


Kampung Aur is well known among local and global tourists. Based on previous achievements in promoting rural and cultural lifestyle, Kampung Aur received an acknowledgement from the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture by making Kampung Aur one of the Homestay Malaysia listed on the Official Website of Ministry. Through this achievement and promotion, it is helping and giving benefits to the local economy driven toward the tourism sector. The main factor of success of Kampung Aur’s homestay is promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture and Penang State Government initiative for local homestay owner. Seberang Perai City Council through Tourism, Art and Heritage Department also provides incentives on promoting and creating a tourism package. As a result, Kampung Aur has established itself as a Malay Village Cultural with breathtaking panorama to experience.

Through sustainable tourism development it will have an impact on 3 dimensions namely:-

1. Economy.
This development will make economic resources to the local residents. The increase in tourism activities will be able to generate economic resources and provide opportunities for more communities to engage

2. Social.
This social and cultural aspect can be further strengthened through community involvement in tourism development either directly or indirectly. The relationship and cooperation of individuals within the kampong community will enable the development of tourism to be more successful and complementary.

3. Environment
Environmental conservation aspects will be more focused on ensuring that the environment is not affected. This sustainable development will enable environmental conservation to be unaffected and this nature will be an asset to sustainable tourism development.

Malay culture that has been practice years back are preserved by local. There is a martial arts court known as a Silat. There is a canal or drainage that originates from the Kuala Muda River near this village. This drainage system provides the main water supply for the purpose of irrigation of paddy fields which is the largest agricultural area in the village of Kota Aur.

There are policies, measures and various initiatives have been done by the residents of  the Kota Aur Village in the commitment to promote and preserve its cultural resources so that they continue to be unique and original.

Encourage more homes to participate in the homestay programme in order to provide more options, facilities, comfort and accommodate more visitors / participants who participate in the homestay program organized.

Homestay owners follow courses conducted by MOTAC and Tourism Malaysia from time to time in order to have an understanding and be able to handle the service well. Interaction skills in the ins and outs of managing Homestay placements are very important in order to meet customer satisfaction. Entrepreneurs are also always ready and open in providing assistance and info to be shared with the participants.

In addition, the Martial Arts Association opens participation for membership throughout the year to anyone interested in learning this martial art. Meanwhile, paddy farmers and farmers continue their paddy farming activities throughout the year for their respective income. It also gives attraction to tourists to get to know more closely related to lifestyle and village atmosphere, especially involving the Malay community in Malaysia.

Promotions and announcements related to this homestay are made by displaying photos and activities provided by providing links on websites and electronic social media such as creating a Facebook page and also detail explanations on the blog. All activities and programs that have been carried out or drafted are posted on those links that provide a new experience, different on each visitors background.

Micro-Tourism, Small and Medium businesses contribute to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is established. Small businesses also help stimulate economic growth by providing employment opportunities to people who may not be employable by larger corporations. Small businesses tend to attract talent who invents new products or implement new solutions for existing ideas.

The tourism literature, points to the fact that growth in the tourism industry has the potential to stimulate economic development. As refer to Homestay Kota Aur, and surrounding village area, local business related to traditional foods and beverages. In order to sustain local economy in line with the tourism industry, Malaysia Government collaboration with Kraftangan Malaysia, agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Cultural (MOTAC) introduced an initiative on ‘One District with One Industry Programme’.

One District with One Industry Programme, has been announced on Malaysia National Craft Day 2019. In order to enhance the local economys growth, this programme embark the traditional local activities in a well established business to create job opportunity, organise business structure and can generate unique tourism attraction within communities throughout traditional gastronomy and craft making.

Sustainability of Kota Aur Village is gives priority in maintaining the environmental conservation of the area as an effort to attract visitors/tourists to enjoy the beauty of the village atmosphere as well as see the historical relics of the village.

The owners/villagers still maintain the old tradition in addition to repairing houses, roads and infrastructure such as installing wireless coverage for the convenience of surfing the internet, increasing the installation of street lights and decorative lights along the entrance to attract visitors.

The villagers are made aware of the waste segregation policy by the Local Authority in an effort to reduce waste disposal and carry out recycling activities. Residents practice 3R (reuse, reuse & recycle) recycled items are used to make creative items such as making flower pots, baskets, bags and others.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by all the United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. The next step is to integrate the SDGs framework into Seberang Perai City Council programmes and activities and turning the agenda 2030 from global vision into a local reality. Seberang Perai City Council has carried out 118 programmes and 251 activities in 2020. In the year 2021, Seberang Perai City Council has planned 182 programmes and 276 activities. Engagements and consultation with community actors in order not to leave anyone behind and ensure the region is owned by the community. All plans must include the efforts to improve the quality of life, modernization and digitalization of a solid waste management system, flood mitigation, traffic dispersion, payment gateway, and also ensure an efficient and safe counter service.


Budget and allocation to bring up this Kota Aur Village with an enhanced business model in eco-tourism approximately cost USD 118,077.75.


Proposal on this development still on going and under review. Application for budget to Penang State Government through Penang State Exco Office for Tourism and Economic Creative (PETACE). Internal resource involves expertise of registered town planners from Tourism, Art and Heritage Department, Seberang Perai City Council , administration and technical staff as well.



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    Seberang Perai City Council




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